Delta Class of 1975
 Gathering Place    July 8, 2000
 There are 19 pictures so it takes awhile to download,  please be patient.

I would like to thank the classmates that put this on, You did great! Karen, Lisa, Kathy, Barb, Dawn, Janice, Gary and Pat

These pictures were all taken the night of our Reunion.  Please let people know they are here. If you would like to have your own copy, put the cursor over the pic you want and simply right click, chose "save picture as" tell the computer where you want to save it and whalla you have saved it on your own computer. If anyone wants any of these removed please let me know. Or if you want hard copies. You can E-mail me

Ann Watkins (Short),  Trena Wilhelm (Carrizales), Craig Parker                      George Carrizales, Trena, Brian Frank, Jole Kern (Harmon)
Craig's Wife Polly,  Ted Howard,  Denise Mull (Howard)                                  Jeff Farnsworth
Kay Mattin (Powell), Lisa McMunn (Onweller),  Kathy Sintobin (Reckner)    This is really Brian with  "Two Hot Babes" Or as he said
                                                                                                            "So Many Women So Little Time"

Brian Talking about the Taste of beer with Jim Boulis                            Janice, Chet (the Jet) Terry Brashear, Terry Cottle's husband
      (You Know "More light, Less filling ")                                                      Forrest  Thompson (sitting), Gae Ann Lind (single and Looking)       wanted to discuss the situation with Chet and Terry OH BOY!!!!!


Ted Howard, Cyd (never changes nor ages) Harmon  (Laurel)                   Denise Howard, Craig and Polly Parker
Cyd's husband Joseph, Martha (Pinky) Weaver (Sloan)
Julie Merrill (Nowacki), Diane Demiline (Boulis)

                                                                                                                   Three Georgus Women
                                                                                              Gae Ann Lind,  Janice Mandly (Reynaga), Karen Riegsecker  (Miller)

 Jeff Farnsworth and Wife Margaret                                                                   Jim Harmon

                    Julie and Jole

         Kerry Vandock, Janice, Karen, Gae Ann                                                 Terry and Mark

Mike Harmon and Wife Karen, Merlin McCabe, Ted Howard              Brian (Pee Wee) and Gary (Big Moe) Mohler Everyone

                                                                                              thinks Gary is as bald as Brian but noone could get up
that high  to check


Ted and Brian (shiffty) Schaffner                                                 Terry and husband Forrest

I believe a great time was had by all, we sure missed the people that did not make it. I was surprised at the number of missing classmates. This was after all our twenty fifth, we will never have another. Sure we'll have thirty but it won't be the same.  I am hoping that we can get a better turn out for the next one, While those that did not make it may feel like you weren't missed I for one can tell you that you were. There were so many people asking about you, please try to attend the next one!!!!!

We Missed You!!!